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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1: I am just a normal pet owner, neither a vet, nor a pet salon related person. Can I still attend the seminar?

A1: Certainly. The contents of the seminar consists of basic facts to teach the general public. Many pet owners have attended the seminar in the past.

Q2: I am a veterinarian. Can the contents of the seminar can be applied clinically?

A2: Yes, they can. However, since mostly non-medical professional people attend the seminar, the basic parts may be repetitive for vets. However, we always try to cover the most up-to-date information, which we believe could be useful for you as well.

Koki Tanabe, DVM & Chairman of the Association is always available for any professional questions.

The presence of veterinarians is imperative for the promotion and advancement of correct aromatherapy for animals.

Q3: I know nothing about aromatherapy. Can a person like myself follow the discussion?

A3: No problem. The seminar has been formulated such that participants can learn from basic facts.

Q4: I am qualified in aromatherapy. Is it possible to attend just the animal related part?

A4: Unfortunately, just partial attendance is not possible. The seminar provides the most up-to-date knowledge of aromatherapy, which cannot be found elsewhere. Because of this, your knowledge of aromatherapy can be brought up to date.

Q5: Do some participants fail the qualification test?

A5: If you do not attain the pass mark, you fail the test. However, we provide supplementary lessons and tests, if requested. This seminar intends to pass all participants. Almost all participants qualified in the past.

Q6: Does the qualification of animal aroma therapist permits us to practice the business?

A6: Practice of animal aromatherapy by people who are not specialists in the medical field may infringe legislation governing veterinary practice and animal pharmaceutics. However, pet owners can lower the risk of your beloved animals from falling ill, and you will be able to give useful advice on aromatherapy to your friends or acquaintances. Trimmers and trainers will be able to provide information in various sectors, and would thus offer advice of increased value to your clients. Shop owners will be able to offer safe aromatherapy goods to your customers. Veterinary professionals will be able to recognize aromatherapy as being one of the options in veterinary treatment.

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