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I was surprised to find that my previous impression concerning aromatherapy was considerably different from what I have learned in this seminar. Before talking about aromatherapy I should mention that I am just a pet owner and I was worried about not being able to follow the seminar contents.

Another surprise was that the participants were not using the aroma shampoo for pets. They do not have any particular problems but they are learning about this at the seminar, which is quite different from my case.

I attended the seminar to apply the methods I would learn about aromatherapy right away, but I felt that aroma should not be used lightly. Personally, I wanted a confirmation by touching the model dog. If I think about the stress of the dog, maybe that would be the limit. I thought that a smaller sized type of seminar might be a good system, where participants could bring their own dogs.

The subject of chemistry is difficult for me, so I need to study more about it. And, I would like to join the follow-up lectures, if any. When I gave my dog a patch test using the multipurpose blend oils made during the practical session, he fell asleep in 3 minutes. The effect was significant. S.A., Tokyo. Note:The participant suddenly wanted to learn about aroma and attended the seminar, after her dog’s symptom had improved by AromaVet shampoo. She had never had any previous knowledge of aroma, but her marks in the qualification test were first class and at the top level.

Several years ago I attended a practical course of pet aromatherapy. I began suffering from a strong headache when we were making blended oils, especially using Lavender oil, I felt dizzy just as if I were developing anemia. Ever since then, essential oils were not for me, and also my dear dog did not like the blended oil I prepared to repel insects. However, nothing like that happened in this seminar. I learned there were various qualities and that some oils were dangerous to animals. I would like to let other pet owners know about this kind of illuminating information. I saw that there was a big difference in levels of the participants, and so it would be helpful if, before the seminar, information or references could be given concerning any textbooks to acquire some minimum basic knowledge or preliminary study regarding the subjects to be presented. K.M., Part-time University Instructor, Tokyo.

The contents of the lecture were far more productive than I had expected. Although I thought as a certified instructor I had knowledge of aroma to a certain degree, at this seminar I had exposure to new information and shocking facts, learning a lot more about aromatherapy. This seminar covers lectures for pets, but there are many areas that are common to human aromatherapy in respect of safety and usage. Areas that I had doubt about have been clarified. I am not a pet owner, but I attended the seminar, just hoping that additional value could be added to my own scholastic education. But, just for chemistry of essential oils, pharmacological properties and adverse effects alone, it was well worth attending. I could also learn about the safe use of aroma for animals needless to say, important factors, when we live with companion animals. There are many technical contents and terminology's, and I still lack understanding in many areas. However, I intend to read the textbook thoroughly, and participate in subsequent classes if possible. I am very satisfied, and have no particular requests. The only thing maybe that clearer dark and larger writing on the blackboard would be helpful. I hope also that English technical words are given Japanese translations. S.M., AEAL Aromatherapy Instructor, Tokyo.
“Aromatherapy for cats can be harmful.” This sentence encouraged me to attend the seminar. I was surprised to find that the level of the seminar was very high for me, a cat owner, with only a slight acquaintance with aromatherapy. However, the instructors gave explanations why it is harmful, and it was convincing, and they provided information sincerely and truthfully that was quite satisfactory. Since I have a cat, I wonder how I can practice aromatherapy. The knowledge I acquired at the seminar can be applied to my work, and I hope that I can help to promote the right information about aromatherapy. Y.K., Designer, Chiba.
I became interested in aromatherapy, knowing that my new employment from April would be dealing with aroma products. When I asked an instructor of a specialist school, he told me about the seminar conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Tanabe and this time I took the course. At the beginning, as a beginner in the field, I was a bit worried, since the other participants attending were all professionals, veterinarians and aroma therapists. But, at the end, I was lucky to have attended the course by the instructors, from my early stage of almost ignorance about the subject. I have still much more to learn, but I will try to pass on correct knowledge to the people around me. And, I will definitely recommend this seminar. For this reason, I will try to collect the right information, so that I may become a good animal aroma therapist. Y.M., Technical School Student, Tokyo.
The contents of the seminar were quite technical, but I learned a lot of interesting subjects. I had studied aromatherapy before, but it was the first time I had received such profound knowledge and information. New information and background stories were so fascinating that it was essential for me to know such information to be able to use such knowledge for my future activity. It was difficult for me to follow the lectures, but if I attend the follow-up ones I would like to deepen my study. I am neither a vet nor an aroma specialist, but I hope to continue to be active to benefit animals and am looking forward to attending follow-up courses. K.M., Tokyo.
I do not have any technical knowledge about animals, and I thought it might be helpful if you could offer separate courses such as physiology, anatomy and pathology. I think the course contents should be beneficial, not only for pet lovers, needless to say, but also for more field veterinarians. One of the reasons why I took this seminar was in fact to introduce aromatherapy to my fellow veterinary colleagues and as a result, I will certainly be able to provide them with the helpful information I acquired at the seminar. K.K., Therapist/University Lecturer, Osaka.
My dear dog had been suffering from troubles that became manifest early on, and I was wondering if I could somehow cure him using physiotherapy or aromatherapy within my own professional activities. Although I know essential oils are effective, I could not use aroma for my dog, since I continued to feel uneasy about doing this, asking myself the following questions and doubts. “Are the effects the same for both humans and dogs?” “Can essential oils be used for dogs having different physiology and metabolism from those of humans?” “What should I do if this only aggravates the situation? All these doubts and questions were clarified in this seminar. Bioavailability of drugs, relation with oxygen, metabolism and detoxifying, all these subjects that I wanted to know about were central to the contents. Actual cases were also reported, but I think failures including ineffectiveness (discussion on reasons) should also be introduced. S.N., Aroma Therapist, Saitama. Note: Cases of failure were also introduced by photos in the seminar, such as allergy developed by essential oils. Essential oils and hydrosols have an intense pharmacological effect, and the symptom improves hour by hour. But the usable cases are limited. You will recall that in the seminar we discussed how to deal with relapsing cases. Aroma cannot solve everything. In case any irregularities are seen in animals, diagnosis at an animal hospital and effective application of aroma is recommended.

Before taking this seminar, I had heard that a generous application of essential oils for cats and dogs is dangerous, but did not know why. In the seminar I learned not only about the effects, but also the risk of essential oils, and it also became clear why this risk differs depending on the animal species. I will instruct my students to use essential oils only after having acquired correct knowledge. S.E., Instructor at Veterinary Technician School, Gunma Pref.
I had various doubts and worries about caring for animals. At the animal hospital where I was working, I saw an old dog not responding to antibiotics and a complex infection developed, a case of infection in the perianal region treated with medical A, a dog with ticks and skin infection treated with tea tree oil to reduce itching, and so on. Naturally there were many successful cases, but the heavy use of drugs without proper knowledge always troubled me. As aging advances in the world of animals, alternative treatment will become more necessary in the future, instead of depending on drugs. That is the reason why I decided to get more information at the seminar. The contents were so informative and helpful. I realized how profound a subject aroma is. O.M., Veterinarian, Chiba Pref.
The duration of the seminar is short just for 4 days, but it was so rich in content. I had access to aroma as my hobby, and had a chance to read the separate supplement (Animal Aromatherapy Practical Course in a Journal of Veterinary Medicine). Even a beginner like myself could understand the lecture, which covers all comprehensive knowledge from all angles for applying aromatherapy to animals. These 4 days were so meaningful and passed so quickly. I hope follow-up courses and follow-up seminars will be provided. I attended the seminar hoping that the instructors who are vets could teach only truthful and academic information with a scientific background, since veterinary medicine cannot be excluded. It was far more superior in content than I had expected, and I sent a mail right away to tell my vet friends of this. Explanations from the point of view of chemistry and components were very interesting. The style of lecture was ideal for me as a vet. Not just telling that “essential oils may be harmful for cats”, it gave reasons and dealt with the mechanism of metabolism of the body of a cat. Because of this, all explanations were fully convincing and clearly understood. Y.Y., Veterinarian, Chiba Pref.

I am delighted to have passed the qualification test and I am very happy and very proud to have been accepted as a member of the Japan Animal Aromatherapy Association! It’s definitely the most wonderful Christmas present for me and I am looking forward to receiving the certificate.

I do realize this is only the very beginning and I do have a lot more to learn. I am very lucky to have you as an instructor and I would like to thank you very, very much for all your help and for teaching me the first steps in becoming an animal aromatherapist.
C. Monfrère, aromatherapist, Belgium.

I have enjoyed my intense exploration of the material provided.
Many thanks for your considered explanations.  At some point I could help you write the exam for an English speaker- a simpler way would be to ask if the statement is True or False, that might make it less open to interpretation.
Dr.Barbara Fougère, Veterinarian, Australia.

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